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IDEAL™ miRNA Knowledge Panel

Ready-to-use assay panels for miRNAs relevant to specific areas of research.

  • Cancer Panel: 352 miRNAs
  • Stem Cell Panel: 176 miRNAs
  • Biofluid Panel: 176 miRNAs
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Complete kit comprising of individual miRNA RT-qPCR assays with optimized RT-qPCR master mixes.

Ready-to-ship human, mouse, rat and virus assays (please refer to our assay list).

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IDEAL™ Spike-in RNA

Uniquely designed small RNAs with sequences distinct from endogenous miRNAs.

Use to monitor and normalize experimental variations in sample RNA isolation, reverse transcription and qPCR.

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Knowledge Panel Profiling Service

Sample to answer screening service with miRNA Knowledge Panels, including sample isolation and RNA quality control services. Quick turnaround.

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Customization of Assay and Panel

Assay design and wet-lab validation for novel miRNAs and non-catalogued species. One time customization charges with standard pricing for subsequent orders

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Premium Biomarker Discovery Solution

Absolute quantification of 600-1000 miRNAs using MiRXES’ advanced cDNA library preparation and validated assays in highly controlled and automated workflow, with State-of-the-art informatics.

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