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Enable discoveries with MiRXES ID3EAL microRNA research solutions.

Select from a growing library of validated human, mouse, rat, and viral microRNA assays.

Available worldwide through our distributors.

Collaborate with us

Collaborate directly with MiRXES Lab for a one-stop, comprehensive microRNA profiling and biomarker discovery solution in our dedicated high throughput microRNA profiling laboratories.

Collaborate with one of our partner non-coding RNA core facilities located at top academic institutions in Singapore and Boston, USA.

The MiRXES advantage

Class-leading performance

Our ID3EAL RT-qPCR solution has been independently validated to be more sensitive than other RT-qPCR technology platforms for microRNA quantification.

Deep expertise and experience

Discovering and validating microRNA biomarkers since 2012.

We have curated the world's largest clinical microRNA expression database, with over 40,000 samples covering more than 30 disease types.

We have a track record of top-tier scientific publications and research collaborations with top institutions and scientific experts worldwide.

World-class research capabilities

Our core R&D lab can complete 200,000 qPCR reactions a day for high-throughput biomarker discovery.

Ready for best-in-class microRNA detection?