Dr Zhou Lihan, Co-founder & CEO
Jeremiah Decosta, VP for Manufacturing & Regulatory Affairs
Women in Science Special
Dr Cheng He, VP for Research & Development

As the world’s first molecular blood test for detecting gastric cancer, GASTROClear could play a pivotal role in stopping the deadly disease in its earliest stages.

By targeting nearly 400 miRNAs linked to over 20 different diseases with a single product, MiRXES’ ID3EAL PanoramiR microRNA knowledge panel proves that it’s possible to achieve more with less. 

Discover how MiRXES and its partners are developing early detection tests to fight the world’s leading cause of death: heart disease.  

Compared to other commercial microRNA profiling platforms, MiRXES’s ID3EAL qPCR platform stands out when used to discover and validate blood-based miRNA biomarkers.

Amidst the highs and lows of 2020, MiRXES managed to rise to the occasion and make our name on a global stage.

Armed with a wealth of experience from the pandemic, MiRXES is now set to return to its roots and focus on producing best-in-class multi-cancer early diagnostics.

From regulating genes to aiding disease diagnosis, microRNAs’ outsized impact certainly belies their tiny proportions.

Now a trusted name in biotechnology manufacturing, MiRXES is planning to boost its capabilities by tapping upon local talent and the defining technologies of Industry 4.0.

Founded with a focus on microRNA discoveries and diagnostics, MiRXES is now looking to solidify its manufacturing and delivery capabilities and help Singapore elevate its competitiveness on the global stage.

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