Cancer Treatment Selection

Actionable, Personalized, EXpress (APEX)

APEX Tissue for Personalized Cancer Treatment Selection

APEX Tissue is a 50-gene, targeted Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) hotspot panel, which is specially curated for the detection of sensitizing and resistance genetic alterations to guide personalized treatment selection in patients with solid tumours.


Fast Results

Short turnaround time of
4 working days* to allow quicker treatment initiation


Competitively priced for greater affordability and accessibility


Targeted hotspot sequencing of 50 genes specially curated based on clinical actionability


Profiling both DNA and RNA for reliable detection of genetic alterations


APEX Tissue has been clinically validated 

More Information

Profiling various types of genetic alterations, such as SNVs, InDels, amplifications, and fusions, in a single test


Including treatment recommendations based on FDA approvals, NCCN and ESMO guidelines

Concise Report

Easy-to-read report with tier classification of variants for quick decision making

*Counting from the day the specimen is received at our laboratory in Singapore. SNVs: single nucleotide variants; InDels: insertions and deletions.

Gene List (50 genes)

Patient Profiles Suitable for APEX Tissue

Non-Small Cell
Lung Cancer

Newly diagnosed, treatment-naïve patients with advanced NSCLC for 1L treatment selection.

Relapsed patients who progressed on 1L/2L EGFR, ALK or ROS1 TKI.


Newly diagnosed, treatment-naïve patients with metastic CRC, in which testing for KRAS/NRAS/BRAF status is intended.


HR+/HER2- BC patients who progressed on CDK4/6 inhibitor + AI, in which testing for resistance mutations is intended.

Note: Not suitable for patients who have failed multiple treatments and exhausted most treatment options. A larger panel may be warranted in these patients

Guidelines Recommended Genetic Biomarkers Testing for Solid Tumours 1-10

  • Lung
  • Breast
  • Colorectal
  • GIST
  • Melanoma
  • Thyroid
  • Bladder
  • Cholangiocarcinoma
  • Updated as of 29 March 2022

^Ongoing Validation

Sample Requirement

Provide 15 unstained sections
(5-10 µm thick) on uncoated/uncharged slides

Provide 1 matching H&E stained with tumour region marked out

Tumour cellularity: ≥ 30% Tumour region: ≥ 5mm2

Place all the slides in the slide holders provided

Ordering Process for Physicians

Request a kit online or contact our local representative

Obtain informed consent from patient

Request tissue slides and histopathology report from pathology laboratory

Place all forms and slides in the box provided

Contact our local representative to arrange for pickup and courier to Singapore laboratory

Receive clinical report after 4 working days from kit receipt at the laboratory

1National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer (Version 3.2022). Accessed on 18 March 2022.
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