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Insights powered by the world's largest clinical microRNA database

Our world’s largest curated clinical microRNA database is the result of our extensive collaborations with top medical research institutions worldwide, spanning multiple human diseases, including most high incidence cancer types, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

Innovation driven by global partnerships and alliances

We have established research collaborations, co-development alliances, and intellectual property licensing partnerships with top academic research institutes and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Our collaborations span the biomedical, pharmaceutical, agri-tech, and vet-tech industries and include diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic disease, focusing on preventive healthcare and precision medicine.

Our valued partners

Media coverage of key partnerships

Covering key disease areas and industries

Our collaborations span the biomedical, pharmaceutical, agri-tech, and vet-tech industries and include diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic disease, focusing on preventive healthcare and precision medicine.

Gastric Cancer

MiRXES’ fruitful collaboration with the Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium and other researchers at the National University Hospital (NUH), Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), A*STAR’s Diagnostics Development Hub (DxD Hub) and Bioprocessing Technology Institute since 2012 has yielded GASTROClear, a CE-marked and Health Science Authority (HSA)-approved clinical microRNA assay that is the world’s first blood test for early detection of gastric cancer.

This partnership continues into post-market studies as the team studies the clinical utility and health economics of using GASTROClear as an in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and tool for gastric cancer screening.

We are also working with researchers worldwide, from the University of Tokyo and National Cancer Centre East in Japan to Yonsei Cancer Center in Korea, to develop gastric cancer microRNA biomarkers for prognosis, treatment-selection, and disease monitoring.

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Lung Cancer

MiRXES has multiple research collaborations with academic and industry partners focused on lung cancer, the most common and also most deadly cancer worldwide.

We have completed a lung cancer biomarker discovery study of over 1,600 patients from Singapore, China, and Europe in collaboration with Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in China, and in 2018 started an ongoing strategic collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Janssen Pharmaceutica to develop a novel lung cancer diagnostic test with the aim to improve the detection of early-stage disease.

We are currently lining up partners worldwide to start the world’s largest microRNA biomarker clinical study for early detection of lung cancer.


Cardiovascular Disease

MiRXES has extensive research collaborations in non-oncology fields where microRNA biomarkers may also help in diagnosis and prognosis of disease.

We have completed a research study that showed that combining a circulating microRNA assay with NT-proBNP, a commonly used biomarker for detection of heart failure, resulted in more accurate detection of heart failure. The research was led by Prof. Mark Richards and Dr Wong Lee Lee at the Cardiovascular Research Institute in Singapore, and included more than 30 clinicians and researchers from Singapore and New Zealand.

The results of the study were published in March 2019 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (2018 Impact Factor of 18.6). 

Metabolic Disease

MiRXES research and development activities cover both basic and clinical research, with partners from both academic research institutes and large pharmaceutical companies.

We completed an exploratory microRNA biomarker discovery study for insulin resistance, a risk factor for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. The study was done in partnership with Janssen Research & Development US and researchers at the National University of Singapore, A*STAR Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, and National University Hospital.

The results of the study were published in April 2019 in the Frontiers in Physiology journal. 


Seeking and building synergies with our end-to-end capabilities


Our R&D team have deep expertise and experiences in discovering and validating microRNA biomarkers across over 30 disease types.

Our core R&D lab can complete 200,000 qPCR reactions a day for high-throughput biomarker discovery.

Our unique ID3EAL qPCR technology platform enables ultra-sensitive, highly specific, and speedy microRNA detection.

Development and manufacturing

We have in-house capabilities covering the entire diagnostic development and manufacturing value chain.

Our ISO 13485 certified and cGMP compliant manufacturing facility produces 2 assays approved in Singapore and CE-marked for in vitro diagnostic use.

We have demonstrated ability to rapidly complete technology transfer and scale up manufacturing of diagnostic tests.

We have worked with industry and research experts, government agencies, and regulatory authorities in Singapore to publish the world's first national standards for validating microRNA-based diagnostics.

Partner us

Through research collaborations

To discover novel RNA biomarkers and develop molecular diagnostic in key disease areas and agri-vet industry applications.

Through co-development alliances

To develop companion diagnostics for precision medicine and screening tests for early detection and preventive healthcare.

Through intellectual property licensing

To commercialize and scale up production of innovative molecular diagnostics.

Ready to explore partnerships?

MiRXES is committed to advancing innovative molecular diagnostics for preventive healthcare and precision medicine. Contact us to explore synergies with our class-leading technology and world-class capabilities!

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