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Founded with a focus on microRNA discoveries and diagnostics, MiRXES is now looking to solidify its manufacturing and delivery capabilities and help Singapore elevate its competitiveness on the global stage.

Now a trusted name in biotechnology manufacturing, MiRXES is planning to boost its capabilities by tapping upon local talent and the defining technologies of Industry 4.0.

From regulating genes to aiding disease diagnosis, microRNAs’ outsized impact certainly belies their tiny proportions.

Discover how MiRXES and its partners are developing early detection tests to fight the world’s leading cause of death: heart disease.  

How did MiRXES scale up production of Singapore’s Fortitude COVID-19 test kit for the world? Find out in this infographic.

What are the landmarks in MiRXES’ journey towards becoming a leader in microRNA-centric discovery and diagnostics? Find out in this infographic.

How does the launch of Singapore Standard 656 (SS656) help to make microRNA-based diagnostics mainstream? Find out in this infographic.