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As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm—and nowhere is this truer than in the world of healthcare. Each year, over a million cases of gastric cancer are diagnosed, and yet, early symptoms are typically so unremarkable that the disease can go undetected for years.

By the time the cancer is discovered, prognosis is often poor, with a survival rate of around 30 percent. To this end, MiRXES is harnessing biomarkers known as microRNA (miRNA) to detect cancer and other common afflictions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes early.

Since our founding, the company has already successfully developed GASTROClear, a miRNA-based blood test for early gastric cancer detection and played a crucial role in Singapore’s COVID-19 response by manufacturing the Fortitude diagnostic kits. Of course, these milestones weren’t just achieved by our scientists in the laboratory—instead, it was a whole-of-company effort, driven by excellent team members in R&D, manufacturing & regulatory affairs all the way to product management, and sales.

As MiRXES continues to expand, we are continuously looking for dedicated individuals who believe in the company’s ethos that early detection saves lives. If this sounds like you, then read on below to find out more about our available openings.

1. Research Scientist (Assay Development)

To provide better patient care, medical tools like diagnostic kits undergo extensive testing as they advance from the lab to the clinic. With multiple disease tests and discovery panels in the works, MiRXES is seeking a research scientist for assay development to move these proprietary technologies along the pipeline. 

Since this role involves creating and validating assays for measuring biomarkers, applicants should be experienced in designing experiments based on molecular technologies such as RT-PCR and next-generation sequencing. These efforts are envisioned to spur the development of highly sensitive clinical technologies for detecting diseases like cancer and heart failure.

While the core of the work will be performed in the lab, the position also encourages regular collaborations with MiRXES’ commercial arm, taking products from concept to market-ready solution. Additionally, by training up junior teammates, the scientist will be at the forefront of accelerating the growth of our R&D unit.

2. Senior Medical Technologist

In 2003, the first Singaporean case of SARS was a local researcher infected in a cross-contamination lab accident. To prevent similar adverse incidents, clinical diagnostics labs must be run smoothly and safely. This is where a new senior medical technologist would come in, as the individual in charge of keeping lab operations efficient and aligned with standard protocols.

The main responsibility of the senior medical technologist lies in performing molecular-based assays, such as COVID-19 testing. As the technologist will often be handling disease-causing pathogens and patient samples, a fundamental grasp of lab safety procedures is vital.

Another equally important aspect of the role entails assisting the section leader in inventory management, lab maintenance, and quality assurance. These activities could range from ensuring an adequate supply of test tubes and protective gear, to checking that instruments like weighing scales are properly calibrated and autoclaves for sterilizing glassware are working to a tee.

3. Associate Director, Market Access

From age to genetic profile, various factors affect people’s risk and exposure to disease, with many patients encountering several barriers to healthcare access like high costs. Given these gaps, MiRXES is looking for an associate director of market access, who will take the lead in connecting us with researchers, health professionals and patients alike.

In this role, the associate director covers a wide range of  initiatives—from healthcare educational activities to reviewing clinical market trends—that would culminate in identifying patient needs that MiRXES’ innovations can address.

By understanding healthcare demands and engaging with partners, the associate director emerges as a guide for both the product development and R&D teams, enabling the company to better reach the patients that stand to benefit from them the most.

4. Chief of Staff

Serving as a chief of staff (CoS) is a promising gateway into C-suite level positions, as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg realized after her stint as CoS of a former US public official. It is a role that has fast become a keystone in many corporations, tasked with tying together operations and managing human resources—ultimately driving up productivity.

At MiRXES, the CoS would be at the heart of company decision-making and organizational relations. For this internally-focused position, it is the CoS’ responsibility to become the bridge across each level of the company, from staff to senior management.

This role also involves working closely with departmental heads to coordinate each team’s tasks, including following up on project deadlines, for example. Beyond this, the CoS will help the human resources department welcome new talents and fill skills gaps, supporting professional growth and enhancing company efficiency in tandem.

5. Senior Program Manager

By establishing enterprise-wide project management offices, organizations are seeing 38 percent more of their projects meeting their goals, armed with stronger alignment efforts among different teams and an adaptability to change. Given the benefits in managing product development, MiRXES is introducing a new role that will act as the first of its kind in the company: the senior program manager for the commercial team. 

In this position, the individual will oversee budget and expense tracking and other documentation activities, such as monitoring product testing cycles and reporting on their technical specifications.

Aside from making sure these projects stay on track, the change management aspect of the role consists of coming up with strategies to smoothen workflows and engage with stakeholders, including clinical and corporate partners. Moreover, the manager will delve into designing training plans, equipping teams to deliver game-changing solutions against cancer and other diseases.

If you fit the bill for any of these five positions, then we would love to hear from you! Send your resume to to join our mission of saving lives through early detection!

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