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MiRXES Unveiled APAC’s First T10 Ultra-high Throughput Sequencing Platform

The T10 sequencing platform will provide a significant boost to Singapore’s sequencing power and build a high-resolution spatial transcriptomics pipeline in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 22 November 2022 – MiRXES Pte Ltd, a Singapore-headquartered biotechnology company focused on saving lives and improving health economics and outcomes through RNA-centric disease early detection and precision genomic tests, together with Guest of Honor Dr. Wang Jian, Co-founder and Chairman of BGI Group, unveiled the cutting-edge DNBSEQ-T10×4RS Genetic Sequencing System (T10), the world’s largest and highest throughput next generation sequencer. This T10 sequencing platform, housed at MiRXES’s purpose-built multi-omics laboratory at Singapore’s Biopolis, is the first of its kind installed and operationalized in the Asia-Pacific Region, outside of China, made possible via a strategic partnership between MiRXES, MGI, and BGI-Research. Through this new platform, MiRXES plans to partner local research and healthcare institutions as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies to scale the positive impact of genomics for Singapore and the region.

Accelerating Access to Genomics for Regional and Global Health Innovation

The T10 sequencing platform will provide a significant boost to Singapore’s sequencing power and enable ultra-high throughput multi-omics research including a transformational, high-resolution spatial-temporal transcriptomics pipeline powered by BGI-Research’s Stereo-seq technology. Different from the traditional sequencing slide and closed reaction system used in most platforms, T10 reimagined sequencing with a dip-immersion biochemistry method and open system to achieve the optimal balance among sequencing read length, throughput, data quality, and cost. T10 can produce up to 20TB data per day or equivalent of 200 whole human genomes sequenced at 30×. A single T10 system can produce about 50,000 WGS per year, which is eight to ten times of other sequencers in the market today.

Dr. Lihan ZHOU, Co-founder and CEO for MiRXES, said, “Since we started MiRXES in 2014, we have strived to develop disruptive technologies and innovative healthcare solutions that will change the way we manage diseases. We believe strongly that advances in genomics technologies will allow us, within this decade, to leapfrog a shift from treating the sick (often too late) to disease early detection to eventual prevention. The T10 sequencing platform, a key enabler to discover new biology and identify novel biomarkers for early detection of diseases and precision medicine, will help to develop and scale up preventive health solutions in Singapore and the region.”

Having APAC’s first T10 sequencing platform based in Singapore, an important hub for biomedical and clinical research, will enable the trio to forge collaborations with academic and clinical institutions and companies globally by giving access to cutting-edge capabilities to generate novel biological insights into complex diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular and neurological disorders, and allow for discovery of new biomarkers and pathways for targeted drug development.

Dr. Zhou added, “From conceptualization to designing and building the lab, and operationalizing the T10 sequencing platform, we took less than a year. This is a challenging achievement, and we deeply appreciate our like-minded partners MGI and BGI Research, for being with us on this journey. We look forward to what T10 and MiRXES, together with our partners, can do to accelerate preventive medicine and make genomic technologies accessible for all.”

Annex 1
MiRXES’s Genomics Solutions Powered by T10 Sequencing Platform
Human Whole Genome Sequencing
Human whole genome sequencing (hWGS) offers the ability to interrogate the entire genomic DNA sequences, providing a comprehensive characterization of the human genome. MiRXES utilizes unique DNA nanoball sequencing technology coupled with PCR-free library preparation to deliver results with high accuracy and low sequencing artifacts. Sequence alignment and variant calling is provided complimentary with our hWGS services.

Human Whole Genome Methylation Sequencing
Human whole genome methylation sequencing (hWGMS) offers the ability to interrogate methylation status at a single base resolution epigenome-wide. It has become an increasingly accessible technique to investigate changes in methylation patterns associated with complex diseases including cancer and neurological disorders. Equipped with the largest sequencers in the world, MiRXES Genomics enables high-throughput methylation analysis by revolutionizing the cost of sequencing and providing end-to-end bioinformatics support for large datasets.

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