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We are continually pushing the boundaries of science and technology to enable early, actionable, and personalized diagnoses in our mission to improve and save lives. Our cutting-edge technologies are powering the discovery of new biology and accurate biomarkers that address scientific knowledge gaps and clinical unmet needs.

MiRXES was founded to commercialize our industry-leading ID3EAL reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) platform for detection of microRNAs and other non-coding RNAs. This technology powers our flagship GASTROClear gastric cancer early detection test and is the foundation on which our multi-cancer early detection clinical pipeline is built.

Our technology is available for research use through our comprehensive range of Biopharma and Life Science discovery tools and services. We also collaborate extensively with clinical, academic, and industry partners on diagnostic applications in various disease areas, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases.

We are also developing and aggregating new technologies for RNA-centric multi-omics diagnostics, to provide physicians and patients a more complete snapshot of disease biology and to enable early disease interception.

Key Features

Unique RT Primer

Conformation-restricted microRNA-specific RT primer that efficiently hybridizes to mature target microRNA

Specific Real-Time PCR Primer

microRNA-specific forward and reverse real-time PCR primers confer further specificity to enable robust

Tailored RT-qPCR Reagents

Optimized RT and qPCR master mixes enhance the signal-to-noise ratio

Key Advantages

Increased Sensitivity

Unique RT-qPCR amplification approach and optimized reagents ensure efficient target detection from limited amounts (~1 pg) of input RNA

Increased Specificity

Every assay utilizes three microRNA-specific primers to discriminate between microRNAs with single nucleotide differences

Speedy Detection

RNA to CT results obtained in less than two hours

Reliable Data

Everyone assay is optimized by our proprietary algorithm and experimentally validated


Provided in a complete kit that minimizes set-up time, compatible with all major qPCR instruments

Our Innovation Engine

MicroRNAs are notoriously difficult to quantify accurately due to their high degree of homology and small size. Their low abundance in circulation aggravates this difficulty. Our ID3EAL discovery tool and workflow is our solution. It is a unique three primer approach for sensitivity, specificity and robustness, adopted by top academic and industry partners globally and backed by the world’s first industry-standard for microRNA-based diagnostics.
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