Translator Program

Science-backed commercialization engine and validator
to help companies accelerate revenue growth

Translator Program

We champion the interest of healthcare community in the areas of science, investment, education, and industrial relations. We facilitate Multi-Stakeholder partnerships between policy makers, payers, solution providers, and healthcare delivery providers to enable the commercialization and adoption of preventive healthcare solution.

We serve as an aggregator for global companies to converge and drive preventive health and early intervention. We aim to improve population health outcomes through increasing accessibility to preventive healthcare.

Leverage MiRXES’ 4D preventive care platform, anchored by our knowledge and expertise


Research &
Development Lab

Largest capacity for miRNA quantitative polymerase chain reactions (qPCR) globally with more than 8 million done in 2021. Capability to run population scale clinical cohorts (N>100,000)

Our Presence
Singapore | USA | China

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Southeast Asia’s largest in vitro (IVD) diagnostic manufacturing facility at 1,400m², employing the best in automation and digitalization with the principle of ‘any mix, any volume’

Our Presence
Singapore | China


M Diagnostics
Clinical Lab

State-of-the-art 600m² clinical diagnostic laboratory that provides services such as early cancer detection, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), and genomics profiling

Our Presence
Singapore | China

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Philippines | Malaysia | USA | Japan | Indonesia | Thailand | Vietnam


Medical Centre

Equipped with facilities to conduct blood tests and imaging scans, Early brings together precise, targeted, integrated suite of diagnostic preventive care tools to the masses

Our Presence

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Philippines | Malaysia | Vietnam | China

What Makes Us Different


We are a global biotechnology firm backed by clinicians and scientists at top research and academic institutions worldwide. We operate some of world’s most sophisticated laboratories pioneering clinical applications of cutting-edge research in RNA biomarkers and genomics.

Industry Validation

We are a company built by entrepreneurs, investors, and scientists. Our combined industry expertise makes a great commercialization engine and validator. We will work alongside you in pricing discovery, revenue channel discovery, and market repositioning.


We don’t just invest in capital but also our expertise and network. We work with you to co-generate measurable business results while sharing risks & rewards. We have been through the product development, growth cycles, fund raising, hiring, and more. We know exactly how to grow and scale a business.

Program Benefits

Price discovery and
revenue channel discovery

We are your buyer/adopter.
Up to $1,000,000 contract revenue and/or benefits in-kind to be awarded

Expansion in promising
SEA markets of growth

Scientific and
clinical advisory

Plugged into our multi-stakeholder ecosystem of investors, policymakers, payors, solution providers, and healthcare delivery providers

Workflow optimization
and strategizing your market positioning

MiRXES Translator Program Areas of Interest:

  • Companies headquartered in APAC, Europe, and North America.
  • All post-revenue stage companies with innovations aimed at improving PREVENTIVE healthcare system’s quality and efficiency are encouraged to apply.


(in particular but not limited to point-of-care-testing, imaging diagnostic, IVDs)

Health Products

(in particular but not limited to supplements)

Management Programs

(in particular but not limited to weight, mental, sports, fertility)

Health Solution

(in particular but not limited to telehealth, health analytics, remote monitoring)

Financing Solution

(in particular but not limited to insuretech and microfinancing)

Supply Chain

(in particular but not limited to packaging, distribution, last mile delivery)

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